DATE: Jan 28 – Feb 13, 2023
VENUE: Semba Excel Building, Osaka, Japan

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Exhibition Artists

  • Aung Myat Htay
  • Tuan Mami
  • Maeda Kohei
  • Aung Mint
Study:Osaka Kansai International Arts Festival 2023
MAEDA KoheiThe Story About That20233 inkjet prints, 172.5×116mm each
Tuan MamiVietnamese Immigrating Garden No.62023Video installation with plants, online karaoke tools, hotpot party
Tuan MamiStudy: Surviving Methods2023Special thanks: Nguyễn Betty, Nguyễn Thị Bích Hường, Vườn Rau Bé Heo (Hòa Heo), Phạm Quốc Đạt, Khu Vườn Cộng Sinh Đa Văn Hóa/Multicultural Symbiosis Garden (Thuần, Lý, Duy, Chương, Minh and more), Nghiệp Vũ, Hayashi Takaya, Kim Chiaki, Ueda Kanayo
Tuan MamiImmigrated Plants2021Video
Tuan MamiCan These Plants Invade and Destroy This Land?2022Video
Tuan MamiImmigrated plants Osaka2023Video
Tuan MamiTraveling Plant from East to West2022-2023Video
Tuan MamiSurvival plants2022-2023Video
Tuan MamiGlobal Online Karaoke Room2023
Aung Myat HtayFolk Tales: Once upon a time there was a country2023Videos installation: three videos, straw sculptures, reading room
Aung Myat HtayMountain Tribe of Burma (Kayen/Padaung Lady)2022Acrylic print
Aung Myat HtayMountain Tribe of Burma (Naga Warrior)2022Acrylic print
Aung Myat HtayMountain Tribe of Burma (Naga Warrior 02)2022Acrylic print
Aung Myat HtayMountain Tribe of Burma (Lisu Lady)2022Acrylic print
Aung MintGolden Routes2019Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 91.5 cm x 91.5cm

【Exhibition Outline】
Dates: Jan 28 – Feb 13, 2023
Venue: Grand Front Osaka (Knowledge Plaza on the 1st floor of the North Building / Umekita Plaza Subspace / Umekita Plaza Point Space / Umekita SHIP Hall / Knowledge Capital Congress Center on the 2nd basement floor of the North Building) / Semba Excel Building / Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library / THE BOLY OSAKA / Kamagasaki University of the Arts / Kioku Shugei-Kan“Tansu” and more.
Hours: Depends on the exhibition venue. 

Organisers: ARTLOGUE Inc.
Curation: Production Zomia