Production Zomia

Production Zomia was formed in 2021 as a network of artists, curators, researchers and other arts professionals in Asia. Recent activities include organizing “Zomi:Trans-local Migrants on the Water – Contemporary Art from the Mekong Region”” (2021, Semba Excel Building, Osaka, Japan), “Anarco-Animism”(2022, Reborn Art Festival, Miyagi, Japan) and “Orange Mandala” (2022, Kinan Art Week, Wakayama, Japan). The term “”Zomia”” refers to the mountainous regions of mainland Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar) after the Tibetan and Myanmarese word “Zomi” (highlander). Zomia is characterized by dispersion/migration and oral traditions, escaping any form of state control such as taxation, military service, slavery, etc. They are also a people who believe in animism and live in an egalitarian society. Based on the nature of the Zomi, we produce exhibitions and projects in various places and forms.